This is my own Linux gaming aggregate web app I built for personal use.
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updating todo with my ideas

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,8 +1,73 @@ # TODO - - move updates to AWS Lambda function - - Fix feed_config layout, the websites part. - - add API - - add games - - add Steam games - - add better searching +Stuff I would like to do. + +## Move updates + +Updates are currently run via cronjobs added to instances via AWS +ebextensions. This is shit for a few reasons: + + - if auto scaling kicks in then the cronjobs will run on 1*X servers. + - any tom dick or harry can just to a get to the current URLs. + +A better idea would be to move them to a lambda function or offload them +on to a worker instance of some kind. + +## Fix feed config + +I botched this by duplicating the website field so it would work with +the all sources page. I done this as I didnt know how to get the sub +fields within jinja2. This can be fixed with some investigating. + +## Games schema + +Need to thing of a good way to handle games, dont want to duplicate data +if not needed. This needs done before any other game source is added. + +Not intested in the price side of things, loads of sites can already +provide you with this. I am thinking of something like this, some +sources dont have all the data needed so can just mix and match. HB for +example is shite. + +Steam might be the best one to do first to populate the data. + +title: +release_date: +publisher: +catagory: +image: +description: +gog: + url: +hb: + url: +steam: + url: +itch: + url: + +## Add API + +Would be nice to have api endpoints for different searches etc. This +would also allow better search on the site by using REST requests on +the main input search. + +## games + +They do have a API but its really poor at this point. You can only +search by a query and cant limit by platform. + +## Steam games + +This should be easy to do. + +## Humble Bundle games + +Should be easy to do have already investigated. See the hb file in the +root folder for an example, output is poor though. + +## Better searching + +Current search method is just some js that searches already loaded table +contents, would like to add something better, see Add API. +